Stand out online and attract QUALITY leads, Get MORE clients and SKYROCKET to 6 figures

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Who is this for?

You are a Service-Based  Entrepreneur and you are looking to serve more clients and get clarity on how to fill your program without using ads

You are not scaling as quickly as you like to and the path to 6-figures seams impossible. You feel stuck and don't know what step to take next

You want to get your high-ticket offer on to the market and start enrolling clients every month without the need of a huge audience

You are trying to get Premium Leads and position yourself as the expert but don't know how to elevate above the noise and stand out

This is what you will learn...

How to elevate above the noise and stand out online even if your niche feels completely saturated

How to craft a tangible offer your dram client has been waiting for and is excited to buy from you 

To understand the urgent need and build the authority in the market with a superior solution

How to set up a lead generation system that gives you clients on repeat and that is easy to scale

Understand buyers behavior and master sales along with understand your own objections

The foundation of a successful 6 figure business. To be a leader you must master foundation first.

Course Curriculum

Skyrocket to 6 Figures WITHOUT spending money on ads, use complicated tech, spending hours on social media or having a huge following.

What others said about this program!

 I'm Angela Sundust, and I'm a Live Launch Expert And Business Grow Strategist
I help service-based entrepreneurs grow their businesses through Live Launches and create a 1:many scalable signature offer so they can scale without having a huge following, spending hours on social media, using ads or complicated technology.

I started in the Health business and built a Fitness app. I then signed up working with some of the greatest coaches to built my business. I scaled my first business to $10k months without running ads and with an easy Lead Generation System.    

In 2020 I decided to help other service-based Entrepreneurs, that was like I was and have desire for another live. I started out in Sweden and in 2021 I launched in English to an international market.  My programs and systems has helped dozens of people make 10k months with ease.