9-Months long business accelerator to help you SCALE WITH SIMPLICITY to 6-Figures and beyond at RAPID SPEED

9-Months long business accelerator to help you SCALE WITH SIMPLICITY to 6-Figures and beyond at RAPID SPEED



Break through the noise online and attract an audience of raving fans, close more clients now and skyrocket to 6-figures an beyond.

Close Clients Revolution is for you if :

You are a Service-Based  Entrepreneur and you are looking to serve more clients and get clarity on how to fill your program without using ads

You are not scaling as quickly as you like to and the path to 6-figures seems impossible. You feel stuck and don't know what step to take next

You want to get your offer on to the market and start enrolling clients every month without complicated tech or in need of a huge audience

You are trying to get High-Ticket Clients and position yourself as the expert but don't know how to elevate above the noise and stand out

When leaving this container, you will...

Close Clients On Repeat in the most simplest way on the planet and never again run your business not knowing when or where your next clients are going to come from. 

Have fun selling. Yes, selling can be fun! You will be excited and know exactly how to pivot into your sales pitch and master your mindset when it comes to selling.

Nailed down your dream client. You’ll finally be crystal clear on that persons needs and wanted result. You can now communicate in that persons language and build a strong and solid connection!

Built an audience that makes sense No more chasing, you will have an audience that actually makes sense. An audience of fans that loves what you do and will refer you to everyone.

Stand out online. You will stand out as the expert in your field. You will be the go-to person and be visible and built a personal and magnetizing personal brand.

The perfect scalable offer that sells. You will have a high ticket no-brainer scalable group offer that fills the gap in your market. An offer with a superior and irresistible solution.

Having a recurring lead generation system in place. You will have a system in place to generate new leads into your business every day

Evergreen Sales System You will have an evergreen sales system that will make you money when you sleep and free your time

There is no barrier for people to go online, throw up a bio, claim to be an expert and say and sell they do what you do.
We are all in saturated markets. You are also in a battle for attention from all cute dogs, cats and funny content.
When joining Get Clients Revolution you will become the go-to person and be on top of your audiences mind.
You will stop being the follower and turn yourself in to the leader. Become the expert in your market.

What you get inside this game-changing program

4 Steps To Clarity

In only 4 simple steps you will get crystal clear in your profitable niche, dream clients avatar, money making title and statement and you core offer. To scale any business you need to be crystal clear in understanding your market, your dream clients needs, problems and wanted result to be able to speak her language. How to communicate the value of your offer and price it right. 

High-Ticket Offer Creation

Create your high-ticket scalable group offer. To grow and scale using live converting events you need to scale your offer as well. You will craft your no-brainer 1:many offer that sells and closes the gap in your market. No more trading time for money

Lead Attraction System

Go from not knowing how to attract leads into your ecosystem and building an audience every day without spending any money on ads or hours on social media. Learn how to attract leads into your social media platforms and funnels. 

Disruptive Marketing Method

To take you off the hamster wheel of marketing and tactics that don't fit you. Build your marketing from the inside and out. Attract an audience that makes sense. Build authority and a strong like, know and trust. Create a Heartbeat in your marketing that takes you from one in a million to the category of one

Sales Mastery

Be clear in how to sell and when. You get access to my High Ticket Sales 14 pillars formula. Understand how your own mindset attracts objections and learn how to create a two way communication in your sales to build that like, know and trust and take your leads from cold to sold

Speak & Convert Launch Method

The Speak & Convert Launch Method takes your audience from cold to sold in days instead of months. This is the simplest way to scale your business without using any complicated tech or in need of a huge audience. You will know where your clients are coming from every month and you will scale your business to 6-figures and beyond.

Speak & Convert Webinar Method

Webinars are an amazing way to sell your high-ticket offers and when converting really well, you move it over to an evergreen sales system. To combine your Speak & Convert Launch Formula with running stand alone Signature Webinar will also help you reach more people that can't join your full launches. 

Evergreen Sales System

When your webinar or virtual event converts really well, it's time to set it up as evergreen to make money when you sleep. You will get funnel templets to use to build your million dollar event funnel and everything you need to have a webinar call funnel and a virtual event click and buy funnel

To scale any business you need to be crystal clear in how you position yourself, what you do, who you help and bring that into your messaging. To stay on top of mind, you need to stary clear.
Your need to be able to speak to you dream clients needs, struggles, frustrations, problems and wanted result in a way that they understand.
Clarity in your messaging is the key to scale any business and without clarity you will never be top of mind awareness in your market

When you enroll, you will get...

Membership access
to our game-changing modules showing you everything you need to become the expert in your industry and master lead generation, marketing, sales and systems

Private Facebook Group
Access to our high energy private Facebook Group you get all the support you need and you can ask us any questions 24/5 to make sure you never ever get stuck  

Two weekly Group Coaching and Q&A
where you can ask any questions you may have to get you moving in your business. These calls are held in Zoom and recorded for you and you can ask live questions

Monthly Business Strategy Workshops
with ME and these sessions are different each month, based on what's going on in the program, strategies, and the online business world. This will be recorded and lifetime access

Three 1:1 Calls With Me
to always keep you on track to get your result and never go to market with things we could have gone through first. You will with my help get clarity

Million Dollar Funnel Templets
You will get access to templets and everything that you need to set up your evergreen webinar and virtual events sales funnels.

Post, during and pre Launch Checklist
A complete checklist step-by-step on how to launch your Masterclass and Live Launch so that you can focus on the right thing at the right time and don't spend time figure things

Marketing Checklist
You don't ever have to wonder what to post again. With my checklists and simple marketing strategies you will have everything step by step and repurpose all content.

Post, during, pre Launch Emails Sequence
A complete checklist step-by-step on how to launch your Masterclass and Live Launch so that you can focus on the right thing at the right time and don't spend time figure things

14 Sales Element
Master sales both live, on calls and in emails by use our 14 sales elements. Learn to love sales and increase your conversions just by follow these elements

20 minute Sales Script
Close high-ticket clients in just 20 minutes by follow this 20 min sales script and learn how to pre qualify your leads to close more clients

Tech and Copy Support
Get all the tech support and copywriting you need to build landing pages, sales pages, courses and streaming. No need to invest in expensive tech tools. 

Personal review
of your social media profiles and pages, home page, registration page, Live Launch and Masterclass copy review of your slides or any other things you will use in your business

Client Spotlight
Get in front of +200k huge audience with my Client Spotlight Event. You get to invite people to join your event live and reaching an audience of +200k on Facebook and LinkedIn

"Angela is an absolutely wonderful leader. She pushed me the right way. After working with her for three months, I hit the 10k"

Lisa Samuelsson
Personal Trainer
"The program is so different. I invested and 35 days later I had earned my money back. I could never think that I could do that."

Kayla Straton
Yoga Teacher
"I wish I met Angela before I invested in other programs. This is just so different. I now know exactly where my client are coming from."

Sofia Anderson
Business Coach
"I joined Angela's Success Lab in March and after got it right I did 5k my first Masterclass and I did 19k the second time!"

Samantha Wells 
Live coach
"The step-by-step, the incredible pedagogy and the loop, it's just amazing. This is my container, forever and ever."

Dan Colberg
Personal Trainer
"Words can't describe. I have never been so clear in my business. Left my 9-5 after 2 months with Angela and her support"

Jenny Drawson
Money Mindset Coach

Angela Sundust
Live Event Expert and Business Growth Strategist  

Turn your leads from Cold To Sold in days instead of months!

I help service-based entrepreneurs grow their businesses through Live Converting Events and a Scalable Group Offer.  Master their marketing to stand out online and go from one in a million to the category of one.  

I'm a former truck driver and car inspector with a passion for fitness. I launched my first online business in the Health & Wellness Industry and build a home fitness app.  

Searching for a more easy way to enroll dozens of clients at the same time I removed all complicated tech that worked as a barrier between me and my audience and replaced everything with a simple live challenge.  

I've since then pivot and helping other service providers launch their scalable group offers without the use of complicated tech and build brand reputation and an audience that makes sense to close clients on repeat.

Questions? Ask away!

If you are a service-based entrepreneur, your offer is perfect to promote with Live Converting Events. If you solve a big problem for your ideal client, and you fill the gap in your niche, it is time to host a live event to turn cold leads into paying clients. Don't know how to find the gap? Don't worry, we will find it inside Get Clients Success Lab

With my Lead Generation system and Marketing Mastery you will build your list and your audience constantly. And with my Live Event Blueprints you don't need a huge audience, you need quality. 

No, your Live Events can be hosted for free as simple as possible. If you want to run it in a hosting platform and build an opt-in site later, yes, you need to get some tech. But not for doing your live events. Inside Get Clients Success Lab you get the chance to build your landing page for free, send emails for free, build a course platform for free and create a lead magnet funnel for free, if you want to.

No, if you can use a smartphone, you are all good. Everything I teach in this container is no complicated tech and I have step-by-step videos to set everything up if needed. You have our support to set it up.

You need to set it up with the help by someone who's already been there. You need clarity on your offer and my Live Event Blueprints will get you the perfect structure to go from cold to sold in 10 days or less. And in Get Clients Success Lab we go through your offer, your market, find the gap, fill it and win!

To watch the pre-recorded videos and join the weekly live Q&A and training, you need about 4 hours every week. And then you need to implement what you learn to get the result. The Live Event Blueprints setup takes a couple of hours the first time and the events in it self require you to be there. We work in a loop system so you will get result fast and that means more freedom. But you can easily do this while still got your 9-5 job!

This is a container, most programs that help scale to 6 or 7 figures are teaching complicated strategies and it takes a long time to get the result. It follows the modules structure and you won't see any result until the end of the program. This container works different and is built on loops to get you to a result as soon as possible. Every moth we structure next moth to get you money in the bank. We then analyze, remove things that don't work and do the loop again to get money in the bank. And it continues over and over again.

At some point, you need to take the next step. If not now, when? Your competition is out there taking action. And every day you let time go by is another day from you and your dream life. In Get Clients Success Lab I help you build quickly so you can make your dreams a reality sooner. The Get Clients Success Lab is the Highway to money in the bank and your freedom to spend more time with family and friends. Its your turn now.

Still thinking about it?

You want to scale but you don't know if this is the right fit for you?

 I know how you think because I've been there.
I've been where you are. I wanted it so bad but I thought I would figure it out on my own.  
I spent so much time hustling one and one client in to my business, never ever knowing when the next one would come.  
But I made a choice.

I said enough is enough and I chose myself because I was worth it.  

Don’t spend the rest of your life wishing you had invested in something that would help you get results fast and lift you up from all this endless hustling and excuses.  
Join someone who’s already been there, feels all that you feel right now, all the frustration and sadness around others succeed but you don't.  
Join someone who has done all the mistakes and all the hard work before you so you don't have to.  
Join someone that invests in herself all the time to serve her clients better and better, giving more value and more results.
Surround yourself with the right people who can help you with what is working, and most importantly, what is not working.

Join me if you want to:  
Stop the hamster wheel of tactics and go from one in a million to the category of one  
Implement a simple lead generation strategy so you can stop spending hours on social media  
Launch or scale your 1:many offer so you can spend more time with your family and friends  
Step into your greatness and use your zones of genius and become the go-to person in your field  
Get in the car and take the highway to success and leave the bumpy road for good

It's time for you to make a choice...

"I was stuck at around 5k per month doing 5-day challenges. When joining this program I understood why my challenges did not convert"

Success Mentor
"I needed this. I just needed someone to help me get clear, focus and position myself in a more profitable market."

Johnny Carlsson
Career Coach for Men
"From 5k to 20k in sales in just 60 days. That is the result I got working with Angela. She is amazing to really structure it down for you"

Fan Dimpsy
Love & Relationship Coach
"I love working with Angela. She is so direct and no bs or fluff. Omg, it was such a change for me, both mindset and business"

Affiliate Marketing Advisor
"I can only say, if you do not invest in any of Angela's products, you are missing out. She isn what makes this different"

Health Coach
"Words can't describe. I have never been so clear in my business. Left my 9-5 after 2 months with Angela and her support"

Jenny Drawson
Money Mindset Coach

Still not sure this is a fit for you?
Book a free Consultation with me!

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