Get More Clients And Build Authority Through A Live Launch Workshop And Scalable Group Program

Elevate above the noise and stand out online
Become a Magnetic Speaker and build trust and authority
Create a scalable group offer that allow you to serve more clients
Build a signature live launch workshop and masterclass to turn leads into paying clients
Fill your launch using Organic Lead Generation without having a huge audience

I know where you're at right now and I know what’s in your heart. You want to be a success and you want to live your dream life,
You want to build and scale a business that you love and that feels like a flow and ease. You want to work location and time independence, and feel free, safe and happy. You want a business where you make an impact on the world and you want to make money too, right?

Maybe you are at the beginning of your journey and don't know where to start. Everything feels so complicated and everyone says differently. Or maybe you started  your business and want to scale. You're stuck somewhere and nothing feels easy.

I understand, I've been there! It's so hard and you see everyone else who seems to succeed and you just stand there and feeling you need to enter a never ending hustling.

But there is an easier way. You need to focus on you, your superpowers. You are the business, it starts with you. When you set that mindset right and you crack the code and really get this right and got a system in place and a strategy everything changes.

This is so important to elevate and be visible. When joining Get Clients Success Lab you will be the go-to person and be on top of your audiences mind.
You will create massive confidence from competence and stop being the follower and turn yourself in to the leader.
Go from follower to expert in your market.

My Signature Program, Get Clients Success Lab, was built for you to skyrocket your business to 6-figures and beyond without Having A Huge Audience.

Get Clients Success Lab Suits You If....

You are a Service-Based  Entrepreneur and you are looking to serve more clients and get clarity on how to fill your program without using ads

You are not scaling as quickly as you like to and the path to 6-figures seams impossible. You feel stuck and don't know what step to take next

You want to get your offer on to the market and start enrolling clients every month without complicated tech or in need of a huge audience

You are trying to get High-Ticket Clients and position yourself as the expert but don't know how to elevate above the noise and stand out

To scale any business you need to be crystal clear in everything. Your soulmate clients needs, problems and wanted result to be able to talk her language.
How to communicate the value of your offer and price it right. You will get clear in your messaging and elevate above others in your field so you quickly level up and stand out

What Clients Say...

"Angela is an absolutely wonderful leader. She pushed me the right way. After working with her for three months, I hit the 10k"

Lisa Samuelsson
Personal Trainer
"The program is so different. I invested and 35 days later I had earned my money back. I could never think that I could do that."

Kayla Straton
Yoga Teacher
"I wish I met Angela before I invested in other programs. This is just so different. I now know exactly where my client are coming from."

Sofia Anderson
Business Coach
"I joined Angela's Success Lab in March 2021 and after got it right I did 5k my first Webinar, Totally crazy! I did 19k the second time!"

Samantha Wells 
Live coach
"The step-by-step, the incredible pedagogy and the loop, it's just amazing. This is my container, forever and ever."

Dan Colberg
Personal Trainer
"Words can't describe. I have never been so clear in my business. Left my 9-5 after 2 months with Angela and her support"

Jenny Drawson
Money Mindset Coach

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Been seen in...

 I'm Angela Sundust, I’m a Live Event Expert And Business Strategist I
I help service-based entrepreneurs grow their businesses through Live Launches and create a 1:many scalable signature offer so they can scale without having a huge following, spending hours on social media, using ads or complicated technology.

I started in the Health business and built a Fitness app. I then signed up working with some of the greatest coaches to built my business. I scaled my first business to $10k months without running ads and with an easy Lead Generation System.    

In 2020 I decided to help other service-based Entrepreneurs, that was like I was and have desire for another live. I started out in Sweden and in 2021 I launched in English to an international market.  My programs and systems has helped dozens of people make 10k months with ease.