Executing a simple way of selling your offer to many people at the same time will give you the edge your business need

I can help you grow and scale your business through a simple signature workshop and a scalable group program.

I can help you:

Build recurring 5-figure launches without complicated tech or a huge following
Elevate above the noise and stand out online in a saturated market and master magnetic marketing
Craft a signature speech and build brand reputation as an expert in your field
Fill your launch with hundreds of leads to close clients on repeat
Structure and launch a hybrid scalable group program with a superior solution

The online market is more saturated than ever and the more it's important to stand out and elevate above the noise. Go from being one in a million to the expert and own a piece of your market. Build brand reputation and attract an audience that makes sense.

My Signature Program, Get Clients Success Lab, was built for you to skyrocket your business to 6-figures and beyond without Having A Huge Audience.

To scale any business you need to be crystal clear in understanding your dream client's needs, problems and wanted result to be able to speak her language.
You must master communicating the value of your offer and present a superior solution to the problem you solve.

What Clients Say...

"Angela is an absolutely wonderful leader. She pushed me the right way. After working with her for three months, I hit the 10k"

Lisa Samuelsson
Personal Trainer
"The program is so different. I invested and 35 days later I had earned my money back. I could never think that I could do that."

Kayla Straton
Yoga Teacher
"I wish I met Angela before I invested in other programs. This is just so different. I now know exactly where my client are coming from."

Sofia Anderson
Business Coach
"I joined Angela's Success Lab in March 2021 and after got it right I did 5k my first Webinar, Totally crazy! I did 19k the second time!"

Samantha Wells 
Live coach
"The step-by-step, the incredible pedagogy and the loop, it's just amazing. This is my container, forever and ever."

Dan Colberg
Personal Trainer
"Words can't describe. I have never been so clear in my business. Left my 9-5 after 2 months with Angela and her support"

Jenny Drawson
Money Mindset Coach

 I'm Angela Sundust, I’m a Live Event Expert And Business Strategist
I help service-based entrepreneurs grow their businesses through Live Converting Events and a Scalable Group Offer.

Master their marketing to stand out online and go from one in a million to the category of one.

I'm a former truck driver and car inspector with a passion for fitness. I launched my first online business in the Health & Wellness Industry and build a home fitness app.

Searching for a more easy way to enroll dozens of clients at the same time I removed all complicated tech that worked as a barrier between me and my audience and replaced everything with a simple live challenge.

I've since then pivot and helping other service providers launch their scalable group offers without the use of complicated tech and build brand reputation and an audience that makes sense to close clients on repeat.